If you live in New Jersey, you know high property taxes.  While we cannot control the taxes imposed by your municipality, our attorneys can assist you with reducing your tax liability by seeking a reduction in your property’s assessed value.  Each year, New Jersey municipalities assess the value of the real estate in their communities. A tax assessment is intended to be an accurate reflection of a property’s fair market value.  There are times, however, when a property’s tax assessment may exceed the property’s worth.  If this happens to you and your property is over assessed, you will end up paying more in taxes than you should!

The attorneys at Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli & Conte, P.A., regularly represent residential and commercial clients in the appeal of real estate tax assessments.  If our attorneys are able to successfully reduce the assessment on your property, it may result in significant tax savings for you.  Owning real estate is expensive enough and it should not be made more expensive because your property is being over assessed by your town.

If you believe that your house or commercial property is being overvalued by your municipality, contact one of our real estate attorneys today to discuss whether a municipal tax appeal makes sense for you.