The Professionals at Meyerson, Fox & Conte, P.A. are prepared to present your child custody or parenting time issues to the Court, if necessary.  There are several different custody options, and it is important to understand them all.  These are the most common:

  1. Sole custody provides one parent with nearly exclusive control over the decisions affecting the children and limits access to them for the other parent.   It is rarely granted, other than in situations in which one of the parents has significant emotional or substance abuse issues which would interfere with his/her ability to exercise or exhibit meaningful parenting time, or which requires supervision during the parenting time.
  2.  Joint legal custody is the most common parenting arrangement.  The children live with one of the parents, primarily (the parent of primary residence) and the other parent (the parent of alternate residence) exercises parenting time.  Both parents are to have input into major decisions.   A typical joint legal custody arrangement provides for alternate weekend parenting time and, perhaps, a non-overnight weeknight or two for dinner.
  3. Shared Custody is a custodial arrangement whereby the children live with each parent for several overnights each week.  A shared parenting plan could, but does not necessarily have to, include equal parenting time for both parents.  Both parents would have input into major decisions involving the children, and each would make day to day decisions when the children are living in his/her home.

Custody and parenting arrangements are best resolved by agreement of the parties.   If the parties are unable to create a parenting arrangement on their own, they can be referred to a mediator to help them create a plan.  If no agreement can be reached, the couple will have to engage in custody and parenting evaluations by a mental health professional, who will make recommendations to the Court.  The goal of these methods is to create an arrangement which is in your children’s best interest.

The family lawyers at Meyerson, Fox & Conte, P.A. understand and are sensitive to the custody and parenting time problems that many couples who are terminating their relationship experience. We can offer advice and counsel to guide you through the process, and help you create a plan that works for you and your children.  To learn more about how we can help you, contact one of our divorce and family law attorneys today.