A prenuptial agreement is a contract which the parties enter into before marriage. If the marriage is later terminated or if one spouse dies, a prenuptial agreement sets forth each party’s rights.  Prenuptial agreements can control issues of alimony and spousal support, the division of assets, or how your or your spouse’s estate will be distributed. To make a prenuptial agreement valid and enforceable, certain statutory requirements must be met.

If you are contemplating a prenuptial agreement, or your future spouse wants to have one prepared, it is critical that you consult and get advice from an experienced family law attorney. You need to be made aware of your rights and ensure they are protected.  The negotiation, drafting and execution of prenuptial agreements are often fraught with emotion.  It is critical that your attorney be sensitive to and experienced in the process.

Our lawyers have many years of experience and are prepared to assist and counsel you through what is often the very difficult process of dealing with prenuptial agreements.  If you are looking to negotiate a prenuptial agreement, contact one of our attorneys today.