There are times when real estate deals go sour.  If that happens to you, it is important to have attorneys who can aggressively protect your rights.  At Meyerson, Fox & Conte, P.A., we have represented both real estate purchasers and sellers in a wide range of real estate litigation matters, including those involving breach of contract.

We have also represented clients with other types of real estate litigation, such as home inspection disputes and disputes between real estate purchasers and sellers over the failure to warn about material defects in the property being sold.  Home inspectors have an obligation to warn their clients about certain defects in any home they inspect.  For example, if a home’s roof needs immediate replacement, a home inspector has an obligation to discover the problem and notify the purchasers.  By being informed of the defect, the purchasers would have the option to cancel the transaction or request a credit from the sellers.  When the inspector fails to discover a problem, the purchasers lose their opportunity to cancel the contract or request an inspection credit.

Likewise, sellers of real estate have a duty to disclose to buyers the material defects in their property that are known to them.  If the sellers conceal a known issue, such as a faulty roof, the buyers may have a claim against the sellers for the cost of having to make any repairs.

If you have discovered a problem with your home soon after completing your purchase, contact one of our attorneys today to see how we can help you.

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