Estate litigation often involves emotional issues surrounding the loss of loved ones.  Common estate litigation cases include will contests or claims of undue influence and mismanagement by the individual or individuals tasked with managing an estate.

Will contests are cases where a person’s Last Will and Testament are challenged on various grounds, including that a person did not understand what they were signing when they executed their Will.  If a person is found to have lacked the mental capacity to execute a Will, the person’s Will could be thrown out by a Court.  Litigation involving mismanagement of an estate can include allegations that the person in charge of administering the estate stole money or failed to undertake their responsibilities.  Cases alleging undue influence typically allege that an individual manipulated a person into making distributions for their benefit.

The outcome of any litigation matter can have significant consequences for you.  It is important that if you are alleging a claim against an estate or defending allegations of wrongdoing, you have knowledgeable, experienced, and aggressive representation.

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